Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Janey the Zombie Tramp Pin-Up

So an old friend of mine contacted me through DeviantArt and asked me if I'd do a pin-up for him of his new comic book character. Being a nice friend and not doing too many pin-ups anymore, I said sure.

It's flash, but I tried layering textures in photoshop on it afterwords.


Kelly said...

Wow, that's a nice piece of flash! :D

Unknown said...

Looks good. The pattern is showing on my cintiq, but is not that noticable. I've noticed cintiq's are usually a little dark compared to regular CRT's. When I pull up it up on the flat panel monitor at work (I have two monitors!! HA HA HA!!!) The Bg is more noticable. I think the subtlety is good, you actually could pop up the texture behind her a little maybe. But it works as is! GOOD JOB YOU GET COOKIE!!!
I also like the slight lighting gradation you put on it!

damon said...

very cool i like