Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Movin' Along

Ahhh, FREEDOM!! Summer hiatus has arrived and I'm beyond excited for it!

First off, some drawings! I went rooting through the supply cupboard at work and found some prismacolor markers and decided to draw some monkeys from a flickr photosstream. Turned out nicer than I had anticpated since I haven't drawn monkeys or with markers in a LONG ASS TIME.

Second, these didn't get used at work, but thought they were slightly amusing if not highly offensive. They were vis-dev sketches from one of Cartman's flashback sequences in the "Fishsticks" episode. Don't know if I can get into trouble for posting stuff from my personal sketchbook or not, so I put copyright info at the bottom just to try to save my butt a little. Also below is the South Park equivalent of 100 push ups. . . if you suck at thumbnailing.

And, finally, I'm super happy to say that both my aprons sold on ETSY!!! I was so excited that I had to package them ultra super special for their trips to their new homes. Carlos said that the mail lady looked at him funny when he took them into the post office. That's my goal, freaking out one postal service attendant at a time. ;)


potato farm girl said...

Why this post is awesome: Monkeys, Robots.

Loryn said...

Why else this post is awesome: APRONS!!! I love mine, I pet it lovingly every day. It lives in my pantry right now :P