Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Fashion Drawing Class (Half Way)

So I registered for this really short 6 week class on Fashion and Costume Design. It's a night class, with only 5 students. I'm enjoying it, for the most part. The teacher is new to teaching adults, so it's interesting how he deals with us. The part I've found the most interesting is how BAD I've been at it. I've had the class now for 4 weeks, only two left to go, and the 5 of us in the class are all struggling with getting the figure drawn in the correct 'fashion design' way. My personal problem is that I've been drawing thicker girls lately and I've completely forgotten how to draw anorexic chicks. :)

Anyway, not all my stuff is bad. . . Did these three little guys in my "journal" we've been keeping for the class. Just your regular old boring drawing from a magazine, but I'm really happy with the anorexia level and the marker stuff. (It's been more fun learning a new way to use my markers, not to mention actually using colors I've never used.)


Claire Lenth said...

I'm super jealous, it looks pretty fun!

Deleted Scene said...

I concur with the other comment. It does look fun.

Stick with the thick girls... we buy clothes too. I just saw thick girls pole dancing (super cool by the way) in a Dresden Dolls music video "Gravity".

Miss you muchisimo. Keep posting sketches, the brighten up my day or night.