Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sketchbook DUMP!!

So last week I posted this little print in my shop.  Usually I only post my finished paintings in the Crypt of Doom, but something about this sketch is just funny and I thought I'd see what would happen.  The first two prints of this (which I've called Career Day) I posted were a special commission and sold right away, but I've posted a third to see if anyone else might like to take it home with them.  :)

And the other sketches are fairly self explanitory.  I started drawing my fiance as Pig Pen from the Peanuts a while back.  Once or twice a week I document his rituals in my sketch book.  It can be something he's said to me, or an event we went through together, but most of the time it's how he makes me feel.  I wish I could say I make some of this stuff up, but sadly some of it's very real.

Oh, and I do have his permission.  He actually prefers me drawing him as a child as to an adult (which you can see in the second sketch).

One final reminder. . . Kids Rock, Saturday, June 12th from 2pm-7pm at Griffith Park's Old Zoo.  My little owl painting will be available in an auction.

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Anonymous said...

OMFG I absolutely LOVE the drawings of the "Bus". You capture him in all his glory!!!