Saturday, May 05, 2012

Felt Play Food

 Well, it's not what I'm supposed to be doing (once again), but this is what I've been tinkering with for the last week or so.

The art show is only a little over two weeks away now and I'm frantically trying to make sure I've got all my angles covered.  Mayra, Lori, and I are working on a window display for the front of the shop to help draw people in to the shop.  We decided to make Lori's SUPER AWESOME puppets have a tea party in the front window, but what's a tea party with out treats?  Especially in a show devoted to sweets?!

So yeah.  Felt play food cookies.  They were relatively simple, the hardest one being the ones that look like little Keebler Fudge stripe cookies.

 I'm FINALLY going to finish coming up with the design of the new "monster" for my piece this weekend (hint, it involves Peter Cushing).  So if you follow me on Facebook, keep a look out for in progress photos.  If you don't, you'll see a whole blog post devoted to the new painting once it's complete.

Let me just add, my coffee table is pretty awesome.  For the first time since we bought it we switched out the art under the glass.  I must say adding the larger images has tidied up the overall look of it and getting to look at Charles Addams comics, a page from a vintage bird guide and Bettie Paige by Olivia is more reminiscent of what goes on in my brain on a daily basis.  You know. . . all over the place.

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Lori's Projects said...

These came out so cute! I can't wait!!!!