Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunken Treasure-y Type Stuff

Well, finally got a little motivation towards the end of this last week.  I've been sorely lacking any since finishing the last painting.  (As I probably mentioned in the last post.)

Although I can't show you one of the two paintings I'm currently working on, I can show you stuff from my new pirate treasure themed painting.

Early pose concept.  Her legs got a little long.

Early color comps.  Actually chose the unseen #8.
Last but not least, time for a new mini painting!  I love little scarab beetles.  As you can see in the photo up top, the little beetle below was put in a very tiny 1.25" by 1.75" frame I bought quite a few years ago at an antique store.  Even though I tried to make him small enough to fit in the opening, his little legs and tips of his antenna are bumping into the edges of the frame.  As a side note, the June Bugs are out a little late this year here in Burbank (usually see them early May), so I've had fun seeing large, brown beetles with no antenna on the patio.

Speaking of the patio. . . I've managed to not kill my little garden yet this year AND I brought my hydrangea back to life.  I think I'll be calling the hydrangea Zombie Plant 2.0.  The first zombie plant was a desk plant I had back when I was at Neopets that I would forget to water for a while then once I remembered it would come back to life.

The elusive Nico and her Cat Grass.
Zombie Hydrangea and Garden

That's it for this week.  Next post, hopefully the Treasure Painting will be finished and titled!


Anonymous said...

You never know what you'll find in Deep, do ya? Your mini painting is amazing. Love your interpretation of a scarab beetle.

The frame is very cool.

Boogervampire said...

You're right, you never know. ;) Thank you!