Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Thanks 2013 and Hello 2014!!

Every year I grow as an artist it's always amazing, and fun, to look back on the things I accomplish in 12 months.  2013 was a VERY productive year.  Above is a collage of all the paintings I was able to create thru the year.  It's honestly amazing to see them all in one image.  A close friend said she thought that 2013 was my most 'comprehensive year'.  I have to say, it definitely was full of stuff.

In addition to the paintings I also did some crochet and TWO different monster girl drawing challenges.  The second round of the drawing challenge was VERY productive and I can't wait to start introducing some of the characters I came up during that into my little monster's world.  This year I'd specifically like to maybe introduce the Boogervampire's older sister and Medusa/a little gorgon.

Here's to hoping we all have a productive, educational and interesting 2014!!  CHEERS!

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