Thursday, May 08, 2014

Godzilla: All Art Attack at Creature Features

Godzilla:All Art Attack Opening Sunday, May 11th, 2014 from 1-5pm

 MIA again for a month.  *FACEPALM*

Good news, my hiatus from work is coming up pretty quickly which means I'll be able to paint and reopen my Etsy shop (the Crypt of DOOM!!) again very shortly.  Also, Bats Day will be here next weekend, so I'll be able to debut my new painting and I'll hopefully have all sorts of fun stories from this year's Black Market and hopefully get to meet some of my followers.  Other than that. . .

The final framed version of "A 'Lil Parisian Mishap".

As you can see from the pic, I'm a last minute addition to an awesome group art show over at Creature Features in Burbank, CA that opens this Mother's Day (a.k.a. Sunday, May 11th, 2014)!  When I found out about the show I went over there with my Mothra painting ("A 'Lil Parisian Mishap" if you remember) and asked if I could submit it to their show.  Thankfully they allowed it in at the last minute and that's that!!  Creature Features is a wonderful shop full of awesome, super fun Monster, Sci-Fi and Horror memorabilia as well as some cool Animation stuff.  What I love is that it's kind of like an Antique Mall for Monsters.  It's pretty darn close to heaven for me and I have to limit myself to a once a month visit so that I don't buy up a bunch of nonsensical stuff I don't need. So, yeah, if you're in the area this weekend, swing by Creature Features between 1pm and 5pm to check out the opening.

Come visit, I'll be there all day (with the exception of bathroom breaks).

THEN, if you're in the Orange County Area next weekend, be sure to stop by the Bats Day Black Market and Gallery999 Haunted Mansion Icons show over at the Clarion Suites Hotel in Anaheim between 2pm and 10pm to check stuff out.  I'll be there, hopefully not sick (got a bit of a cold at the moment).  There will be a ton of vendors of spooky-fun type stuff.  And I'll be there with prints of my most recent paintings, a couple originals and some jewelry.  Oh, and did I mention I'm making stickers?  Well, at least this one will be there.  Hopefully I'll have one more.

Mummy Boy has an equal amount of love for both Disneyland and Star Wars.

Until next weekend, when I finally unveil the new painting, later creeps.

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