Monday, April 04, 2016

Hello Kitty & 99 Friends at PIQ

Greetings followers!

It's been forever again.  Let's face it.  I'm horrible at blogging.  Enough excuse making, let's delve in, shall we?

Work has been crazy.  Season 10 of American Dad has started airing over on TBS again.  Just last week the show's 200th episode aired.  I did a couple things on it, but not nearly as much as I do on other episodes.  We had a big party for it, but sadly I was home sick.  The byproduct over over working myself to finish a painting for a couple of shows.  Which I will tell you about NOW.

First, and super exciting for me, is that I'll have my first piece on display in New York!  A few years back I was able to display a piece in Philadelphia, PA and I've grown sooo much as an artist since then, that sending a piece to New York feels like the first time THIS incarnation of me is shipping a piece off to the East Coast.  (If that makes any sense.)  I'll post the finial piece on April 16th, when the show opens, but until then, have a work in progress image and the show flier!  (We'll disregard my name being spelled wrong, because there's a LOT of people in this show.)

The piece is called "Carnival Casanova" and features my favorite two little monsters:  Sheldon and Frannie.  But you may be noticing that I'm participating in a Sanrio themed show.  Where are the Sanrio characters?  The show's format is simple and kinda cool.  They went thru all the characters Sanrio has produced since they started and each person got assigned a different property.  Some properties were super well known, like Hello Kitty, and other properties were so obscure that there were no images anywhere on the web EXCEPT the Sanrio website.  And, you probably guessed it, I chose THE MOST obscure characters ever.  They're called the Youkai Kids.  They were a series of classic monsters and came out in 1986.  Since I had next to no reference, I chose to just "do my thing".
Reference Image:  Sanrio's Youkai Kids from 1986
As you've undoubtably noticed I'm super excited about this show, and this piece.  I've noticed I'm growing more partial to a teal/red/pink/gold combo choice when working with Frannie and Sheldon, but it sees to work well with their skin tones.

Anyway, that's it for now.  I'll blog a bit about this year's Bats Day/Gallery999 Hatbox Ghost painting next week.

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