Wednesday, July 12, 2006


It's mine!! ALL MINE I tell you!!

So I've gotten pretty good lately about the "not spending money on things I don't need" thing. My boyfriend hasn't, but I have. Yet every now and then, I slip, and go on a self indulgence, I really don't need these things, spending spree, and I should be ashamed. . . very ashamed.


Yup, that right up there is a copy of the original release of the "Monster Mash" record, and yup, I should be gettin' my copy in the mail in one week!! WAHAHAHAHA! I'm just a teeny, tiny bit excited. :D

I'm also excited about these. I finished off my collection the same weekend I found my record (which I had to get off Ebay. . . I love Ebay).

"Sarge" and "Red" were the hardest to find, so when I got them on Saturday and then found the "Monster Mash" album on line. . . well, if it was raining the day would have been perfect. :D

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