Monday, November 13, 2006


So, as usual I'm pretty busy, BUT I get bored super easy. . . Like today. I've got these "plushies" I'm supposed to be working on but my mind is all over the place again. I may have to take my mom's advice and step out side for some glorious smog filled air.

So I'm kinda in the middle of this one. After my last MySpace fiasco, where the drawing I did for the musician failed to please her and I just got a very polite "thank you, but my legs are too fat" response, my boyfriend has nagged me into doing one more drawing for a complete and total stranger. My boyfriend and I have been going back and forth over the hand for a few days now and we've come to a compromise, where once I take the few minutes it takes to add fingernails, all I'll have left to do is throw in a couple of tombstones and some grass and this baby will be done.

Not one of my personal favorites, but that just because I wanted to draw her as a cute little witch on a broom and my boyfriend felt it was his duty to act as a self absorbed art director that doesn't know his asshole from a hole in the ground. . . not that I've had one like that. . . but the previous owners of my current job were pretty close.


potato farm girl said...

Wow! Shiny red satin! Very good Booger!

cnatsuko said...

Cute!!! Your a wize at illustrator!
I think your client will be very pleased!