Thursday, December 17, 2009

Squid Apron Progress

So I've started, or nearly finished, my next apron. The spider aprons were a success, so now we move onto baby squid. The main part of the apron is finished, with the waist being hand sewn strips of ribbon. For the first time I used clear thread and it was so nice!! I gave the apron satin waist ties that looked super cute in a bow when I tried it on just before the photo. My favorite part still has to be the sushi fabric. I had to scour the internet for enough fabric to be able to make more than one apron, but it was worth it!! This weekend I'll probably start/finish the squid pocket and then take the apron for fancy Ambitious Misfit photos after the new year.

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Deleted Scene said...

It is really cute... i loves it... now finish it!