Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Cellphone Charms of MASS DESTRUCTION!!

Okay, they're only of mass destruction because it took me a month and all 6 sheets of my ink jet shrinky dink paper to figure out that I wasn't cooking them LONG enough. Fortunately when I figured that bone headed move out I was able to save the half of them that I hadn't put sealant on yet.

I'm pretty happy with how they turned out honestly. The ink jet shrinky dink paper is pretty awesome. I had some problems at first due to my printer and trying to figure out the proper setting for it. Then was the cooking problem, which I already described, but after that was all fixed and resolved, each of the charms received two coats of the sealant recommended on the packaging. Then for good measure I did a Krylon spray varnish coat. Hopefully that seals them for a while. :D I added little badges to them, as you can see from the photo, which has my web address on them. I guess they're kind of like fancy little business cards!

Anywho, if your interested they're available in my Etsy Shop for $4 a piece ($2 for shipping).