Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shave & a Haircut!

 Well, next Saturday evening (March 19th, 2011) is my first show at Monkeyhouse Toys in their new location.  I seriously LOVE doing shows with Mayra from Monkeyhouse, if only for the reason she loves toys, art and trying to get her local community involved.  (Currently on display, until they hang the new show, she is showcasing some of the artwork created by second graders at the local elementary school next to the shop.  HOW CUTE!!)

Anyway, "Shave & a Haircut" is kind of a tie in with the small hair salon located above the toy store.  Mayra had the idea to have a show devoted to crazy hairstyles and kookie facial hair, and asked me if I'd like to participate.  How could is say no, honestly?

So I thought on it a couple of days, trying to figure out what I wanted to do.  I thought about doing a detailed version of Marie Anotinette's severed head. . . but then realized there would probably be one or two of those.  Then I thought of doing Medusa, but not normal Medusa.  Which led me to what you see here.  :P

For more info on the show, just click the flier.  Oh and let me add, if you are going to try to make it out to the show there's a bunch of construction going on in the area.  In fact there's a giant forklift directly in front of the shop, so if you DO come out and you pass a giant forklift, you just missed Monkeyhouse.  :P

A little over a week ago I was honored to be asked to show some work for a few months at Altered States Tattoo Shop in Olympia, WA.  For them, I printed some exclusive archival quality sugar skulls (the ones I offer as earrings and charms in the Crypt of Doom!) and framed a them.  I'm beyond excited about sending them these primarily because they are the first place back home to ask to show some of my work.  I already warned them that if a group of older people, with no tats or piercings, show up it's just my family coming in to show their support.  :D

And finally, to everyone effected by the recent events in Japan, my heart and prayers are with you. 


Tasha Kline said...

I love the skulls in person!!! The ink blot backgrounds are awesome!

kamagra said...

I love this pictures..Fantastic hair styles..hehe..good pictures.