Monday, February 04, 2013

30 Day Monster Girl Challenge: Part 1

Day 1: Harpy

Day 2: Centaur

Day 3: Slime

About 6 months or so ago I noticed a fun exercise over on tumblr that people were participating in.  At the time I couldn't do it because I was beyond knee deep planning the wedding and trying to finish my Monster Show piece.  The exercise was titled "The 30 Day Monster Girl Challenge" and I decided to print it out and hold onto the challenge list until I was a little less busy.  Above you see days 1 thru 3.  I'm hoping that I can stick with it and see it thru but alas, I have a new painting to finish in conjunction with the same ol' humdrum of work.

If you're interested in doing your own, the challenge list can be found on Tumblr here.

OOOOOOoh!  And before I forget!  If you live in the Los Angeles Area and you're into puppets, the Muppety kind, a very good friend of mine is doing a puppet construction workshop this coming weekend (February 9th, 2013 from 2-6pm).  It's a beginning puppet construction class, so even if you don't have any inkling of what you're doing, she'll walk you thru the process!!

Alternate version of Puppet you will make in Lori Lane's beginning puppet class!
She's currently doing a promotional giveaway and you can read about that more on her blog.  Here is also a link to more information on her class and how to sign up.  Lori is a sincerely a wonderful teacher and it's an opportunity I wouldn't let slip by.  Read more about Lori Lane and Chatterbox Puppets here!

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