Monday, February 18, 2013

30 Day Monster Girl Challenge: Part 3

Day 14: Dullahan (Basically a headless horseman type thing)
So here it is, week 3 and 17 monsters down.  Kind of exciting to be halfway at this point.

Day 12: Zombie (If I had to pick a zombie I like it would be slow and falling apart.)

Day 16: Ghost
Random fun 'fact' for this week.  Day 11 was the "True Monster" day.  To the best of my knowledge (and research) it was supposed to be made up and what we thought was truly a monster.  I was a little surprised that a Cthulhu type monster wasn't on the list so mine kinda went down that path.  Here's exactly what I was thinking in pictogram form:

Cthulhu + Sandworm +Mutant Kau I designed when I was at Neopets equal True Monster Girl
Day 11: True Monster
Same as last week, all monster girls are in no particular order.

Day 13: Insect Girl (a literal human centipede who also is obsessed with the 60's)

Day 15: Reptile Girl (Chameleons Rock!!  Especially shy ones.)

Day 17: Robot Girl (Her tire is like a little hand warmer/muff thing.)

Hopefully next week I'll have time to do a colored one.  I'm not going to hold my breath though.  I started a cleaned up vector version of the true monster and I'll be surprised if I can finish it before June.

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