Wednesday, September 04, 2013

An Autumn Harvest Painting WIP and the Wedding Thank You Card

Well, as promised, I saved my blog followers from the obnoxious "Wedding Thank You Card" in progress work (If you're curious, you can check them out on Instagram or the Fan Page).  And I'm still going to save you because I'm going to start this post with the Autumn fun!

This weekend is the due date for paintings for a new art show at ELEU Salon here in Burbank, CA.  The theme is the Autumn Harvest or Day of the Dead.  I'm cutting it close but I thought I'm keeping my fingers crossed I finish this painting in time.  I got a little ambitious.  This painting is going to measure about 7 inches wide and 13 inches tall.  With only 3 days to finish, I'm on crack, but I'm going to try.  Above is the Color Comp and it's been quite a pain in my rear.  It's taken  a good 4 days get thru the struggle of the color comp.  I really wanted to use "autumn colors", the deep Jewel tones commonly associated with the season:  burgundies, rusts, golds, browns and plums.  Unfortunately it didn't go so well.  So although this comp is closer to what I had in mind, it's still not quite there. . . but it's got potential.  More importantly. . . it'd due Saturday and I don't have time to dink around anymore.

Just because I thought it might be fun to see, I've also thrown in the initial thumbnail and sketch for the piece.  I have some strange addiction to drawing vertically. . .

And finally, the damn Wedding Thank You card.  I'm really happy with how it turned out.  I've sent it to the printer and hope to have it back in a few days.  My goal is to have them out before the end of the month. . . that way it will have only taken 11 months to get them out and not 12.  :P

As I'm sure you've probably noticed, I like to stick my cats in just about everything, but for once it makes sense.  My whole "family" is grateful for the gifts we've received from our loved one's and friends, so of course I'm going to include our "kids" in the card.  There are two Disney references in the Card.  Can you find them?


Me! said...

Well eternally grateful reminds me of haunted mansion for absolutely no reason.

Boogervampire said...

Actually, "eternally grateful" was a reference to Toy Story ("You have saved our lives, We are eternally grateful.) and the other was a jar of dirt from the Pirates movies. :)