Sunday, June 04, 2006

Don't Give a Vain Person a Camera

So, I kinda have a nickname for my boyfriend. There's many actually, but one that I use quite often is "little birdy". Mainly because some birds like to look at themselves in mirrors. And the same can be said for my boyfriend. He LOVES lookin' at himself. I'm honestly not quite sure if it's because he thinks he's cute or if it's because he is paranoid about how he looks but he really loves lookin' at himself.

Now don't get me wrong I'm not complainin', but I'm beginning to think my digital camera birthday present was more for him that it was for me. But like I said, I'm not complainin' cause I still got a digital camera out of the whole experience, so I'm just gonna rock on with my bad self.

Anyway, yeah.

He's been havin' me play photographer for him lately, as I said in the previous post, but now we've come to the agreement that we only put up "cool" pics of him on myspace. Cool in two senses of the word. . . #1) cool as in I don't think he's tryin' to pick up chicks with the photo, and cool #2) as in it's an artistically nice composition with some sort of flair to it. I mean after all if I'm stuck takin' the million pics of him, I at least wanna make them interesting to do so that I enjoy it.

But obviously these are not the artistically cool photos. . . these are just the fun snap shots we've been takin' around the house. Top is showin' the kitty some love (I think she must hate the camera by now), second was the boyfriend messin' around with the camera while we were layin' around bein' vegatables (when we should have been cleaning), third is kitty sleepin' in the guitar case (one of about 10 of her favorite spots), then there's random pics of the living room now (since the uncle thinks our "collection" is a little out of control) and finally is one of the artsier photo's I took for the boyfriend.

Have fun with photo overload.

The completed living room.

A slight turn to the left shows our spiffy toy display shelf/book shelf.

A better shot of the toy shelf.

The "Great Wall of Star Wars" and a small portion of our dvds.

Mr. Staypuft the Marshmellow man and Ecto one hang out in the corner.

The super spiffy coffee table that is created so you can collage stuff under it.

The "TV Baby" in action, a.k.a. omage to Poltergeist.

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