Thursday, June 22, 2006

Oooo, So Excited!!!

So on my way home I was plotting this really long bitchy entry on how much I hate chauvenistic men, because yesterday (Wednesday) I had to deal with the most obnoxious one ever. . . but right as I got on the computer to start my entry I decided to check and see if the Power In Numbers show had been posted on line yet. . . and it was.

AND. . .

I SOLD MY FIRST PAINTING!!! (To someone other than a family member.)

I'm so excited! I mean, this is officially the first painting I've ever sold and although part of me is sad that it won't be returning home, pretty much all of me is so excited I can't think strait right now. I mean, it's my first gallery piece to have sold!!!

I'm way too excited right now. I mean, who wants to hear about stupid boys thinking I don't know how to design a website because I'm a girl when I've got something this AWESOME to think about!!!

I wonder who bought it? I wonder if they are going to like it as much as I'm gonna miss it?


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