Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Pumpkin Party

"Pumpkin Party"  9"x11"  Gouache;  2011

Ahhh!  Finally finished.

It turned out pretty decent.  Spent a lot of time on this one trying to figure out how the light from the fire place and light from the TV, along with light from the pumpkins might work.  Pretty happy with it.  Wolfboy, the Boogervampire, and the Mummy are getting in the Halloween mood by carving their pumpkins as they watch a "Munsters" marathon.  :)

Speaking of marathons, I get to happily report I enjoyed a lovely Vincent Price marathon while working on this little gem.  Enjoyed The Raven, Comedy of Terrors, and Twice Told Tales.  Then for good measure I threw in the original Boris Karloff Universal monster classic, the Mummy. 

If you're in the Silverlake, CA area, you can see it in person, along with a whole bunch of other "Spooky" paintings, plushies and toys over at Monkeyhouse Toys.  The show is up until November 9th!

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