Sunday, October 02, 2011

Tiny Purple Bat

Well, I've had a crazy couple of weeks, but thankfully I'm back to being able to work on my own projects again.  No updates this week on the Halloween Show painting, as it's really not much further than it was two weeks ago.  It's just been transferred to the water color paper.  I hope to start blocking in the background base color tomorrow after work.  We'll see.  There'll be an update next Sunday on it's progress.

This weekend I did do a couple of color tests for the painting though.  I usually mix my own colors, but in an attempt to expedite the process, I finally broke down and bought some purple gouache.  I wanted to test the purple and some lime green I bought a while back and see how they look and flow.  I'm really glad that I did, because had I not done this test, the final pumpkin carving piece would have suffered a horrible fate.

 So yeah. . . little purple bat painting.  Decided to throw it in the Crypt of DOOM!  This one is 1.5" wide and 3" tall.

Also, I enjoy having a textured ceiling in our apartment.  Earlier today I was laying in the bed staring up and spacing out (because I could), when I saw this little guy.  It was basically just his head and shoulders on the ceiling, so I quickly filled in the rest.  :)  I may have to paint this guy later.

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